Technology and transference

Since one of the main objectives is to have a multiplier effect on society in the form of scientific knowledge and transference, one of our main challenges is to increase all activity connected to technological production. In accordance with this principle, LaserON has registered patents with cross-sectional applications to the different strategic lines followed by the research group.




Ceramic coatings produced by laser for the protection of metallic elements ES: P9201060
Method for the osteointegration improvement for osseous fixation implants
With Erothitan Titanimplantate Ag i.G., Euro TRS, Klockner, Implantes AB y Bone System
ES: P9602439
USA: 6,339,913
CAN: 2,242,790
WO: PCT/ES97/00269
Silicon oxide coatings produced by silent discharge excimer lamp for the protection of metallic elements ES: P9300890
Duplex coatings of Si/SiO2 produced by laser ES: P9700026
Silicon nitride coatings produced by silent discharge excimer lamp ES: P9301284
Laser processing of slate ES: P9800391
WO 99/42242
Biocompatible coatings produced by laser ES: P9800392
WO 99/42631
Method of cutting hybrid panels used to line motor vehicle interiors.
With Visteon Sistemas Interiores España, S.L.
ES: 2 178 972B1
Laser treatment method of the surface of granite slabs or similar
ES: 2 180 450B1
EP: 1273410B1
PT: 1273410E
Focusing nozzle for powder injection ES: 2 278 521B1
Method of welding hardening carbon steels using a high-power diode laser ES: 2 203 328B1
EP: 1577049B1
WO 2004/002669
Method for cutting ceramic pieces or elements ES: 2 237 293B1
DE: 602004031006D
Biphasic calcium phosphate and method for obtaining it from fish bones EP07380400A1
Method for producing nanowires in ambient conditions and nanowires thus produced ES: 2 223 290B1
WO2006/067239 A1
Method for cutting aluminum or its alloys by laser ES: 2277529B1
Method and system for identification of selfish EP 1 994 830 A1
WO 2009/141002 A1
FR: EP1994830
IT: EP1994830
Procedure for generating microstructures by laser cladding
ES 2378056 B1
Method and apparatus for the rapid manufacture of functional parts of glasses and ceramics ES: 2368079B1
Foam generation procedure using laser cladding ES:2476142B1
Method for obtaining porous coatings by laser-assisted thermal projection ES: 2360732B1
Method to produce nanoporous coatings in open air conditions EP14193687.2B1
Method for the treatment of metal, ceramic or stone surfaces and surfaces that can be obtained using this method
ES: 2556541B1
WO 2016/009103 A3
Method for the production of superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic surfaces ES:2597861B1
Method and device for generating continuous fibres having a nanoscale diameter and nanoscale fibres generated ES: 2615388B1
EP: 3372712B1
WO 2017/077158 A1
JP: 6830962B2
US: 2019032248A1
Method assisted by laser and high-intensity electric fields for the synthesis and collection of nanoparticles and the generation of coatings ES: 2 689 393B2
WO 2018/206836 A1
US 11,148,945 B2
Method for cleaning residues of chewing gum or derivatives ES: 2802900 B2
Additive manufacturing method to produce structures of a beta-type titanium alloy with anisotropic elastic modulus and structures thus produced
Multiphase structure
Method for welding dissimilar metal materials by means of laser
With Vigotec, S.L.
Method for controlled corrosion guidance on a material or article to be treated by means of laser P202130191
WO 2022/184963A1