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The World TechConnect Conference held in Washington DC (USA), has chosen our nice nanofibers produced by our patented technique Laser Spinning as cover for the whole collection of Proceedings of the 2014th edition of the conference. As stated in the description of the cover figure: “This is a new method developed in our group, Laser Spinning, for the production of very long amorphous ceramic nanofibers with lengths up to several centimeters. This technique allows large quantities of nanofibers to be made with specific, controllable chemical compositions; including some compositions that cannot be formed into nanofibers using any other technique. This technique employs a laser to melt a small volume of a solid precursor material while a high pressure gas jet drags it. Thus, the molten material forms glass fibers as a result of its rapid elongation and cooling by the gas jet. Then it forms fibers with diameters in the range from tens of nanometers up to several microns. The composition of the fibers can be tailored for different applications such as biomaterials or refractory nanofibers

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