LaserON is a Research Group focused on LASER APPLICATIONS. We are your technological partner to perform Research and Development projects in the INDUSTRIAL and HEALTH sectors. With more than thirty years of experience in these applications, we are an enthusiastic team of engineers, physical science graduates and doctors trained in these fields, with full capacity to respond to the technological challenges of the society.

Thematic areas


Processing applications using high power lasers where the dimensional scale of the results exceeds hundreds of micrometers. Examples: cutting, welding, surface coatings, additive manufacturing.


In this case the dimensional scale of the results is of the order of the micrometer or tens of micrometers. Examples: micro-cutting, micro-perforation, micro-welding, micro-cladding, micro-texturing.


Synthesis of materials assisted by laser in the scale of the order of nanometer or few tens of nanometers. Examples: generation of nanoparticles and nanofibers.