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Our group LaserON lead the project ECODED: “Recycling of CoCr metal waste for restoration, recovery and regeneration of functional parts by LDED laser additive manufacturing”, of the call for aid to “Strategic Projects Oriented to the Ecological Transition and Transition Digital”.

Manufacturing metal components using conventional subtractive machining methods is an essential process in all manufacturing and engineering design industries.

However, these manufacturing techniques lead to the generation of large amounts of metallic wastes in the form of machining chips. Therefore, advanced technologies, such as those proposed in this project, are necessary for a cleaner recycling of these metal machining wastes that will also be used to restore, recover and regenerate functional parts and thus extend their useful life.

The incorporation of the laser-assisted additive manufacturing technique developed by LaserON research group, facilitates the incorporation of a circular economy in two sectors of the industry: dental prosthetics and tool manufacturing, putting into play the 7Rs of the circular production model, minimizing the generation of metal waste and reducing costs and manufacturing times.

Read the news at the Faro de Vigo.

Post Author: LaserON Group